Women build Asian network

SOUTH-WEST Sydney-based Diverse Australasian Women's Network (DAWN) is holding an event to celebrate International Women's Day on Friday.

DAWN is an organisation that aims to create a platform for Asian Australian women to support, be mentors for and to help each other grow in their professional and personal lives.

DAWN co-founder Connie Nguyen grew up in Canley Heights and went to Fairfield High School.

"It is a constant challenge being a single parent and juggling everything else in between," Ms Nguyen said.

"I do not want to give up on my dreams, hopes and opportunities and hence I am greatly appreciative of our theme, Building Resilient Women, for the International Women's Day event."

Ms Nguyen said DAWN is the first group in Australia to have an intense focus on Australian Asian women.

"DAWN is a platform that's apolitical. We want to transcend politics," she said.

"We believe it is important that Asian women have as much representation in Australian society as every other group.

"We also want to reach out to other Australian Asian women so we can share ideas, support each other and inspire them to become leaders. At the same time, we are also inclusive of other groups and gender."

DAWN was launched in 2013. Its executive director and founder is Cr Dai Le.

"We currently have 10 women who are the core of the DAWN group," Ms Nguyen.

"Most of us grew up in south-west Sydney. We are all either have refugee or migrant backgrounds and we're all passionate about expanding and building on DAWN.

"We want to create a voice for Australian Asian women, as we are often overlooked in the mainstream Australian community."

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