Teachers hand out gold stars to kids

ST GERTRUDE'S Smithfield Primary School has introduced a new good-behaviour program for the year.

The School Wide Positive Behaviours for Learning program was launched to encourage the students to achieve special "STARRS" (Students Together Acting Respectfully Responsibly and Safely).

Program co-ordinator Rochelle Borg said the aim of the program was to identify behaviour expectations for the school and to develop a consistent set of values to ensure every student is happy, safe and ready to learn.

"Last year we developed three behaviour expectations in accordance with our school's vision, mission, school-wide pedagogy and code of conduct," Mrs Borg said.

"The new signage around our school promotes the expectations and also details how to be a respectful, responsible and safe student in various locations of the school."

She said teachers also hand out star tokens to students in the playground who showed positive behaviour choices.

The students have responded well.

Year 4 pupil Chloe Mando said: "I think the STARRS program is good because it keeps us safe and helps us to be more respectful and responsible at school."

Kindergarten pupil Isla Short said: "To get stars you need to be responsible. I got two stars yesterday for lining up quietly and using my manners when I was talking to my teacher."

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