Students like hands-on training

More students are enrolling in TAFE-delivered Vocational Education and Training (TVET) courses as part of their HSC studies.

According to TAFE’s South Western Sydney Institute (SWISi), enrolment numbers have surged as students want the opportunity to gain practical industry skills before entering into the workforce or before further studies.

One of these students is 17-year-old Cindy Balaz, who’s in year 12.

Cindy wants to become a nurse when she finishes high school.

She did a TVET Human Services course majoring in nursing at SWSi’s Wetherill Park campus.

‘‘I thought this course would be a good pathway to get into uni and to get hands-on knowledge,’’ she said.

‘‘During the course we will have two more work-placement activities and I will learn first aid and OHS [occupational health and safety].

‘‘It’s a good experience. There are other people your age and you are treated like an adult.’’

Cindy said that doing a TVET course also enabled young people to get a practical understanding of a job while they were still at school.

‘‘We have labs here, so we get to do a lot of practical things at TAFE before we go to work placement,’’ she said.

‘‘Last year on work placement, we went to Westmead Hospital.

‘‘It was great because we learnt how to do simple dressings and observed how to do more difficult things. It is definitely worth it. In that one week of experience you will learn more than months of theory at school.’’

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