Help Adam save his bus

THE Aran family, of Yennora, need to raise $35,000 to keep their wheelchair-accessible bus.

Leina Aran uses the vehicle every day to transport her disabled son Adam.

"In 2007 Adam got a virus and it attacked his spinal cord and paralysed him from the neck down," she said. "He was paralysed overnight. They still don't know how it happened."

With the cost-of-living expenses rising, Ms Aran is finding it hard to pay the monthly repayments on her pensioner salary. "I've got a bank loan on the bus. I used to get help from a friend but now I'm on my own," she said.

"Everyday living expenses and food are getting more expensive."

Ms Aran said her son was also on a battery-powered ventilator.

"We can only go out for eight hours a day. We can't travel on trains or taxis because if they're delayed we could get stuck and risk his life. I don't want to take that chance," she said.

Ms Aran said her main focus is to give Adam a life he deserves.

"It was a big shock for him at the time and it wasn't easy to understand. But it was a shock for everyone as much as Adam," she said.

"He'd always been a happy boy and loved people. He loved sports like soccer and always wanted to try everything. Now he plays Boccia, a sport for children in wheelchairs, sort of a modified lawn bowls. For a time he was also a part of a squad team that represented NSW. The bus is vital to get him anywhere."

Details, donations to save the bus: Leina Aran, leinaaran

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