Youths offer a taste of talent to come at Bring it On! festival

ABOUT 100 Fairfield youths attended Prairiewood Youth and Community Centre last Thursday to display their talent as part of this year’s Bring It On! festival teaser.

The event displayed the diversity of talent in the areas of live sound production, film, photography, social media, performance and audio recording.

It was also a preview of what the community can expect to see at the Bring It On! festival in April.

‘‘We held a youth training boot camp which comprised workshops in live sound production, film, photography, social media, performance and pro-audio recording,’’ said Fairfield Council’s project officer for youth, Peter Hope.

‘‘All the young people who have learnt skills in those workshops will put them to use at the Bring It On! festival.’’

Mr Hope said these young people would be volunteers at the festival and responsible for different areas including photography and audio.

One volunteer who will be responsible for taking photos on the day is Seng Venly Ung. He took part in the photography workshops because he has a passion for taking photos.

‘‘When I saw the workshops I jumped at the chance and they were great,’’ he said. ‘‘We learnt about the industry — starting a photography business and the legal side.’’

Another volunteer, Nahi Huynh, who is on the Fairfield City Youth Advisory Committee and will be an ambassador at the festival, said it was important for young people to attend these workshops.

‘‘We had some kids interested in live sound production but they couldn’t get their foot in the door so this was a way for them to get new skills and experience,’’ he said. ‘‘Everyone who did the workshop has volunteered to be on the sound crew at the festival.’’

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