Smart start to eBay business

A LOCAL man has turned his eBay hobby into a full-time business with a shopfront inVillawood.

Atalay Bayindir, the owner of GadgetCity in Villawood, began selling batteries on his website from his bedroom.

"We started off selling a couple of products but over a course of a couple of years we now have 600 to 700 lines," Mr Bayindir said.

The store stocks a wide range of electrical and communications equipment.

"It has been a good process so far but it's also been a bit harder. Once you get the bricks and mortar then it becomes a bit more expensive to run.

"We needed the space too, so that is why we took the concept of having a warehouse and a shopfront."

Mr Bayindir said he would recommend eBay as a good platform to start a business — "without a doubt".

"I think eBay is an excellent platform to start off anything, because you have that income coming in," he said.

"And you can build your staff on there without having to commit to bricks and mortar store."

He said the key to success on eBay was to devote time to your store.

"You have to choose the right product, see what sells and then push it.

"I reckon you have to do it full-time. If you treat it like a hobby you can't really put the time and effort into it.

"You just have to have the passion to push it and then eventually you will open up a shopfront. If you don't have that passion in your heart, then you won't sell it and you won't succeed."

Mr Bayindir also suggested keeping your business name and eBay name the same.

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