Book fills gap in Fairfield history

AFTER three years of researching and interviewing, Cabramatta's Beverley Donald has published a book on the history of Fairfield Council.

Shaping Fairfield — The Aldermen of Fairfield and Cabra-Vale Council 1889-1948 profiles every mayor and councillor who served on Cabramatta-Canley Vale and Smithfield-Fairfield councils during that period.

Mrs Donald said the book had filled a large gap in the research collection at local libraries.

"It's a big weight off my shoulders [because] it's finished but I really enjoyed it," she said.

Shirley McLeod, whose grandfather Frank Richard Hunt served on Smithfield-Fairfield Council from 1920 to 1922, said she was proud to see a book on the history of the council.

"I have been teaching Australian history for 14 years so it's extremely important, there's not enough of it," she said.

Margaret Goodridge, whose grandfather Edward Hanbury served as mayor of Cabramatta-Canley Vale Council from 1914 to 1925 and father Norman Edward Leslie Hanbury served on the same council from 1928 to 1932, agreed. "Granddad built the old town hall and Dad called the first meeting which started Cabra-Vale Diggers Club," she said.

"I was so proud to see that my family had something to do with being part of the community and making changes for the better."

Shaping Fairfield will be launched at Cabramatta's Whitlam Library on February 10.

Mrs Donald will work on a second book which will profile all the mayors and councillors who served on Fairfield Council from 1948 to today.

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