Low-down plan for world record

Canley Vale’s Daz ‘‘The Cowboy’’ Fellows will attempt to smash the Guinness world luge speed record with his twin turbine ‘‘jet luge’’.

The fastest speed on a gravity-powered street luge stands at 186.4km/h and was achieved by Jason Bradbury, of Britain, on August 9, 2011.

But Mr Fellows believes he can more than double that speed with his 12-wheeled jet luge, which is designed to reach speeds of up to 500km/h.

‘‘I wanted to create something of my own and I did it because I want to be the fastest in the world,’’ he said.

‘‘I took out two $40,000 loans to build this jet luge so I’m hoping I can set a new record.’’

Running on high-octane jet A-1 fuel, the jet luge features two small military grade turbine engines capable of generating 91.6kg of maximum thrust for five minutes, with a continuous thrust rating of 80kg.

Mr Fellows, who has been street luging for 16 years, said the jet luge would be running only eight to 10mm off the ground, so it will be pivotal for the course to be 100 per cent debris-free when he shoots for a world record attempt next year.

‘‘I can’t wait to get out there and give it a go,’’ he said.

Mr Fellows, who was crowned the 2010 Australian champion, said while he’s nervous and excited to attempt breaking the world record, there were rules he had to abide by.

‘‘The board can’t be wider than 60cm so that affects where  we can put the turbines,’’ he said.

He also said the only way to slow down his jet luge is by dragging his feet on the ground to slow the friction.

Mr Fellows plans to make his world record attempt between April and August next year.

No location for the run has been confirmed.

Details: www.jetluge.com.au.

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