Fairfield High School

■Beanie Lee, 17:

"It's important to raise awareness because hepatitis B is a disease that relates to liver cancer and there's no symptoms."

■Linh Dang, 15:

"As part of the art project, I drew a picture to show people the dangers of having the disease."

■ Cindy Chac, 16:

"Hepatitis B is a disease that makes you feel very sick and unhealthy. I made an animation teaching everyone everything about hepatitis B."

■Revan Shores, 17:

"Hepatitis B damages the liver, so it's extremely bad for your health. I made a drawing of someone getting the disease and then made a video on how they suffered from liver failure. ."

■Alice Lan, 14:

"I made an A to Z drawing, as well as an animation on hepatitis B. It's important to know about this disease and give out information about it."

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