Motorcycle riders risk life and limb


THERE will be thrills, spills and squeals from onlookers when the FMX Kaos International Freestyle Team perform death-defying aerial tricks on their motorcycles at the Holroyd Australia Day Concert.

FMX Kaos is one of the fastest growing freestyle motocross teams in Australia.

They have performed over 1000 shows around the country and overseas, and will now bring their roaring show to Merrylands Park on Saturday, January 26, at 5.30pm and 8pm.

FMX Kaos team owner and commentator Ray Hunter said the team will be performing their biggest and best tricks on the night.

"Normally, I tell riders to start performing their smaller tricks and then they will work into performing their bigger tricks," Mr Hunter said.

Over the past 10 years the team have constantly pushed the freestyle motocross boundaries to perform original and daring manoeuvres including the double grab, superman and and the rock solid back flip in front of audiences.

Mr Hunter said the team was constantly working on new moves to impress onlookers.

"We were told 10 years ago that we couldn't perform a backflip on a motorcycle," he said.

"But we did it and proved them wrong.

"We are not a bunch of dudes who are riding around, having a party and performing tricks.

"We are constantly pushing the boundaries to take freestyle to a new level."

The team is made up of some of Australia's best riders including Robbie Marshall, Rob Adelberg and Michael "Chuck" Norris.

To perfect their tricks, FMX Kaos riders must follow a strict fitness schedule.

"They have to go to the gym a few times a week so they keep fit," Mr Hunter said.

"We also have a few riding sessions to keep everything up-to-date so that we can take freestyle motocross to a new level."


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