Grothe Jr's bid for Parramatta board in doubt

The selection of former Parramatta international Eric Grothe Jr on the Eels football club's board was expected to be questioned with suggestions he was never eligible to run for the post.

Sources said a list of the football clubs financial members – being “financial” is a requirement to run for the board - which was provided to all candidates involved in the election does not contain Grothe Jr's name.

The 32-year-old, who was the “face” for the Parra 4 Ever ticket, was proactive in the campaign. He even changed his Twitter account name from Shinobi – after his rock band – to Parra 4 Ever and he pumped out messages which included the need for the Eels to invest more heavily in the juniors.

If it is proven he was not entitled to run an embarrassing situation was expected to be compounded as Fairfax Media understands at least one unsuccessful candidate was investigating whether it meant the elections needed to be staged again.

Throughout the campaign Grothe said he wanted to stand alongside his famous father Eric, the blockbusting winger of the 1980s, on the board because he wanted to give something back to the Eels. His desire to become involved was apparently piqued when he attended Nathan Hindmarsh's farewell game.

He was considered a boon for the Parra 4 Ever ticket because apart from his being a popular player he also enjoyed a vast following on the social media network.

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