The view

WE'VE reflected on the best of the year (Homeland) and the worst (The Shire), observed the ratings triumphs (The Voice) and the final network standings: Seven wins, Nine gains, Ten struggles.

Now it's time to note the passing of the programs and the highlights that won't be - or might not be - following us into 2013.

Tangle: this superbly written and beautifully cast local drama series is a standout. Knowing we won't get to see how its characters fare in the future is a saddening prospect, especially given the explosive finale. It deserved more than three short seasons on Showcase.

Letters and Numbers: the axing of this quiz show seems inexplicable. It had a proven format, an enthusiastic following and a shining star in Lily Serna. A bizarre case of SBS creating something worthwhile then junking it.

Satire on 7.30: hopefully, it's premature to mourn the passing of John Clarke's and Bryan Dawe's straight-faced comedy segment, which has been an ABC attraction for 12 years. When it disappeared for a couple of weeks, the buzz about its possible axing began. The ABC says no decision has been made. Here's hoping when they do make one, it ensures the segment's survival.

Marngrook Footy Show: the howler of the year as ABC2 canned a unique sports show after only two seasons and ignited a persistent chorus of protest. The panel program celebrated the contributions of indigenous players to the AFL and developed its own distinctive way of discussing the game. A perfect fit for the national broadcaster, you would think.

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