Bonnyrigg dad fighting back against the odds

AT 374kg Steven Parrish hit rock bottom.

The Bonnyrigg father had been stuck in his bed for 2½ years, he could no longer fit in his car and he was contemplating suicide.

"I had promised my mum before she died I would look after myself and lose the weight. With her death and other problems I started putting on more weight.

"I was stuck in a rut for two and half years."

A Fairfield Hospital nurse discovered Mr Parrish and called experts from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital to come and assess him.

"I got sponsorship from Nestle for Optifast which I took for three months and then physios came out and got me up off the bed and into an ambulance."

Still weighing in at 300kg Mr Parrish arrived at Camden Hospital in November last year to take part in the clinics, run by endocrinologist Nic Kormas.

In his first week there he lost nine kilograms. A year later he is down 125 kilograms and now weighs about 250 kilograms.

"If it wasn't for Dr Nic [Kormas] I don't think I would be here," he said.

Mr Parrish is calling on the government to put more money into the clinics to help other people like him.

The services offered at the clinics recently had to be halved after funding was cut.

"It is not going to change my treatment, but it is going to change other people's treatment," he said.

"There's more people out there that need to get help. "There could be someone out there who's worse than me now but they don't know where to get help."

Mr Parrish said his ultimate goal would be to weigh in at 100kg or 90kg.

Mr Parrish is a founding member of the Obesity Support Council, which was set up by Camden Hospital clinic patients. The council is pushing for funding to be restored to the clinics and to make them a permanent feature in Camden Hospital and others around NSW.

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