Wilson vague on $5000 deposit to PM

BRUCE Wilson, Julia Gillard's former boyfriend, said he ''perhaps'' asked an AWU employee to deposit $5000 in her bank account, but could not recall it. The PM said she could not remember receiving such a sum.

Mr Wilson, appearing on the ABC, was emphatic that no money from the union slush fund set up by him and fellow official Ralph Blewitt was spent on Ms Gillard's house. He said that after there were technical problems getting the fund registered, he had asked Ms Gillard to help. ''It was a simple matter that needed to be done, she did it, end of story.''

Mr Wilson said he had not benefited financially from the fund but said Mr Blewitt had taken money out. He had been ''packaging it up and burying it in his backyard'' - and some of it rotted away. Mr Wilson felt sorry that Ms Gillard ''has to go through all this because it's just not warranted''.


This story Wilson vague on $5000 deposit to PM first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.