Heritage value on record

AMIDST speculations that Fairfield fire station is facing closure, Smithfield resident Bassim Shamaon has completed a heritage report focusing on the building's history and significance.

The 21-year-old spent a year researching the station, its service and importance to the area for the new book which he will now donate to Cabramatta Library.

The book includes a detailed description of the station, which he toured earlier this year, as well as a general history of the Fairfield community.

Newspaper clippings of the station have been included in one of the chapters, as well as photos.

Mr Shamaon said he compiled the book because there was not enough information about the station on the internet.

"It provides such a great service to the community but yet there's nothing written about it anywhere and no one talks about it. It has just been ignored," he said.

"I'm proud of this book. It's another thing I can add to my community service."

Mr Shamaon said he was devastated when he found out the future of the station was uncertain. "It hurts to see something so good for the community be taken away," he said.

"After cutting the education funding, I'm asking Barry O'Farrell, where's his promise to make NSW number one again? Is shutting down Fairfield fire station number one or is it minus one?"

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