Student Voice

WHITE Ribbon Day, a campaign to stop violence against women, was on November 25. Reporter Sally Lee spoke to St Johns Park High School students who supported the event last week.

■Annie Alvarez, year 7: "It's important that we support White Ribbon Day so people know about violence against women because it's still happening."

■Dean El-Mouslimani, year 12: "I believe everyone has the right to experience equality. Domestic violence is still an issue and I do believe it can be hard to speak out especially when it involves loved ones."

■Natalie Chokbengboun, year 9: "We should support it because it's an issue that's under the radar. Often the victims are too afraid to speak up about it because they're scared if they do speak out then it would cause more serious harm."

■Hayden Walters, year 11: "Nowadays domestic violence isn't considered a serious issue in our modern society. But it's certainly an issue behind closed doors so more action needs to be taken and we need more awareness."

■Erica Em, year 11: "Obviously by supporting it, it is raising awareness about domestic violence. I think the victims find it hard to speak out because they feel ashamed and uncomfortable."

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