Oh, how tweet it is . . .

MEET Fred, the new addition to the Calmsley Hill City Farm family.

The one-month-old tawny frogmouth, also known as podargus strigoides, was found abandoned in Horsley Park on November 15.

Farm manager Tara Gunter rescued the nocturnal bird and has been hand raising it since. "It probably blew out of its nest," she said.

"Fred is nice and healthy at the moment. We're unsure whether it's a girl or a boy because it's very hard to tell at a young age."

Ms Gunter says tawny frogmouths are born as small as a cotton ball and take 38 days until they develop a full-grown tail.

"They're an amazing, beautiful and patient bird," she said.

"They're very common especially around suburban areas but people don't really see them because they're camouflaged and look like a tree branch. People often mistake them for owls but they're really nothing like them. They're actually part of the nightjar species."

Ms Gunter advises people not to touch any native birds and instead call the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service on 1300 094 737.

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